5 Academy football teams Currently looking for players


If you are a talented football player, you know getting a reputable academy football team that is looking for players is key for you to stand out and take your career to the next level. In this article, we will reveal 10 Academy football team looking for players.

#1- Emerald City Football Club-

Emerald city football club

Emerald city football club is a member of the US club. Since the majority of tournaments played in the US accepts US clubs, emerald city FC can play on any tournament being played in the united states.

 During summer many of emerald city FC teams have 1-4 spots still open. If you are looking for a football academy then it will be better to inquire directly from the team coach during this time.

 WHY CHOSE EMERALD CITY?  Emerald City FC plays in the local United states club league called the “Puget sound premier league.” Tema can travel throughout the WWA state to participate in this league.

 At the end of the falls season, US clubs organize the Washington cup, with teams participating from throughout the Washington state.  The winners of the Washington cup then quality to participate in an out of state tournament played in the summer.

  • The boy’s teams qualify for the Santa Clara Invitational, while
  • The girl’s teams qualify for the Mustang Stampede

Emerald city football club is proud to be the club representing Wahington in this tournament.

 Emerald city teams also play in the regional tournament that is open to all clubs that have US affiliation.  Teams throughout Washington, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and surrounding states are matched together for this tournament.


 If you have further questions regarding emerald FC and or want to contact, then you can contact the manager via email on [email protected] or contact our Coaching Director. A club representative can also be reached at 1.206.629.8860.

#2-  FC Revolution US

FC revolution

FC revolution is among the football teams looking for players who are dedicated to soccer and committed to excellence.  Tryouts are held once every year for the seasonal club year which begins on June 1, 2019 and continuing through memorial day weekend 2020. It is recommended that football players must do a tryout for their appropriate age groups unless with prior approval.

   FC revolution recommends that a player wishing to play up should attend both age groups tryouts, then it’s up to coaches to decide which players are qualified to play.

    FC revolution has trained coaches that are looking to pick the best possible players that will create the best possible team.

   As a player, if for any reason you are not able to attend the tryout with theappropriate age group, then you`ll need to make an effort to attend a tryout with the age group one year younger or one year older than the appropriate age group.

 If you are selected to be part of the FC REVOLUTION team, you`ll be notified during the tryout process or via email.


  You can contact FC REVOLUTION using this link.  In the page that opens up, you`ll see the contact information of the following personnel.

  • Owner and director of coaching
  • Director of operations
  • Director of player development


CMFSC was founded in 1984 and was merged with another club in 2004. Prior to the merger, it has won 22 provincial cups.

   Coquitlam metro ford soccer club is one of the soccer clubs looking for players.  CMFSC is a very successful community sports organizations in the province.  CMFSC offers both elite and recreational soccer programs to over 35000 youth and adult players.

     CMFSC is proudly recognized as a premier club by BC  soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps and has been awarded one of the eight BC soccer premier league franchises.  CMFSC operate under the stewardship of a volunteer board of directors.

 Over the years, CMFSC has developed numerous players many of whom have gone to represent our province and country. CMFSC continues to participate in the provincial and national championships and that shows their commitment to developing players and coaches at a top level.

 HOW TO CONTACT CMFSC?  You can access the contacts of the management and staff of CMFSC here.

On that page, you`ll see a contact form that you can fill to get in touch with this football club.


  DCUnited is among the football academy looking for players. DC United pride themselves in developing elite soccer players as well as providing the best possible environment for players to grow off and on the field.  DC United’s track record of developing homegrown professional players, as well as college athletes, speaks to the standard of excellence they have for developing players in the academy.

 If you have any questions you`ll want to be answered about DC United then visit their FAQ page here.


You can contact DC united via the information of this page.  You`ll see both their phone number and email address on the contact page.


Maryland major

 The Mayland major soccer league is an adult soccer association based in the united states. Sice 1965 the Maryland majors have been offering the highest level of soccer in Maryland which has provided players with the opportunity to play at the next level. The majors are proudly affiliated with Maryland state soccer association (USASA) and the United States soccer federation.


You need to register with Maryland by submitting your information on their secure website. Submit your information here.


If you want to make any inquiries before doing registration then you will need to contact the management and staff of Maryland major. You can contact Maryland major here.

 Maryland major also has a portal where you can post some information on your playing background. In this maw, Maryland can invite you for a trial.   You can drop your information in the portal here.       


 If you are a person that wants to move your career to the next level then this 5 football Academies in the united states seriously merits your consideration. I have put all the contact information so you can contact the coaches and management of the different clubs.

  How do you feel about reading this article? Is there additional information you were looking for that this article did not provide? Then leave your questions and concerns in the comment section and we will answer all of them.



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