How Much Faster Does A Spike Make You Run in 400 Meters?

As studies have shown, spikes improve performance by 6 percent over the years.

Generally, spikes are well known for their wide motion range when you run on them, thereby giving you extra comfort when sprinting. This spike shoe gives one that feeling of ease for the three-quarter of the race you run, in the striding stage of the 400m. These spike shoes let sprinters run with balance, without trembling, with less contact time on the ground, thereby preserving energy.

The Following Criteria Should Be Used To Choose Spikes:

1. The shape of the spike: a pyramid or a Christmas tree (also known as compression tier spikes).

2. Spike length: For outdoor tracks, the maximum spike length is 7mm, while for indoor tracks, the maximum spike length is 5mm.

3. Spikes can be made of steel or ceramic. Christmas tree spikes were created to compress rather than puncture the track, allowing the sprinter to recover energy.

Having more traction means you’ll be able to run faster.

Reasons Why spikes Make You Faster In 400m


The key benefit of runner spikes is their ability to grip the track, which allows you to maintain traction even in slick or otherwise tough situations. Spikes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller spikes, such as steel Christmas tree/pyramid spikes, are typically used on standard rails over short distances. Cross-country spikes are larger and heavier than regular spikes, allowing them to last longer on more difficult terrain. The better your feet grip the racetrack or pathway, the faster you can move.


Running with spike shoes

Spike sneakers are versatile and aid in speed. Because they’re detachable, you may customize the arrangement to your tastes based on the type of race you’re running. Sprinters, for example, wear spikes under their toes because that’s where they spend the majority of their time during a race. Individuals who require all the grip they can get in a few tight corners, such as in a 400-meter sprint, should line up their spikes inside the left foot and outside the right foot. Cross-country runners can obtain the required speed by spreading the spikes uniformly across the shoe bottoms.



running shoes for men, sports background

Aside from traction, there are other methods for increasing speed. Spike shoes are lighter, allowing you to elevate your feet more rapidly and with less fatigue. Spike shoes come in a variety of weights; sprint spikes, for example, are frequently light because runners only have a few seconds and need all the speed they can get.


Sprinters might use all the assistance they can get from their shoes to compete at top speed on the track in a sport where a fraction of a second can mean the difference between first and third place.

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