History Of Adidas Predator 1994-2020

Allow me to take you back in time as I take you through the history of the Adidas predator football boot model.  The predator began with the OG adidas predator in 1994.

Adidas predator OG

This Adidas predator was inspired by formers footballer thread Jonhson who wanted a football boot that has a grippy texture that that of a table tennis bat.

The year 1995 came to the cleat predator touch which David  Beckham famously wore.  This predator is the first in which adidas famously introduced the red fold-over tongue that covers the laces.

In 1998, adidas introduced the attraction soleplate that comes with bladed studs that offer more traction on the pitch.

 With this same football boot, they introduced the future to wear insole and outsole to give you a more anatomical and comfortable fit. 

In this model, they trimmed down the rubber elements at the upper making them completely flattened, and integrated it into the lacing system itself.

It also comes with an astronomical lacing system and a larger striking surface

Fast forward to 2000, Adidas brought the predator precision. In this model,  Adidas trimmed the rubber elements more. Even with this,  players still get grip power and connection s with the ball

Adidas predator precision

In this model, adidas introduced a long tongue with a velcro strap that makes the tongue stay in place instead of flipping around during play.

Adidas also introduced the extraction stud pattern with this model.

In 2002 we saw the predator mania.

Adidas predator mania

This model comes with a much bigger cover tongue. And instead of having a tongue with a velcro strap, it comes with an elasticated rubber band to keep it in place. 

Adidas predator mania upper

Adidas also introduced a heel counter as well as a split soleplate.

Adidas predator mania outsole


3 years later in 2005, Adidas introduced the Adidas predator pulse

idas predator pulse

In this model, adidas introduced the power pulse technology.  This was a weighted 40-gram brick that sat below the forefoot of the insole to give you more weight and power behind the ball when you are shooting it.

Also, the adidas predator swift element was just six rubber finish on the inside of the boot.

Adidas predator pulse

In 2006, adidas introduced the predator absolute. This model came with a fully removable insole.  The predator absolute only came with three swerve finish elements on top.

Adidas also melted rubber stripes into the upper to give you a pretty amount of grip.

In 2007, adidas introduced the predator power swerve. In this model, adidas introduced the power in the insole such that the weight moved with you to give the player even more momentum when he strikes the ball.

Adidas predator power swerve

As at 2009, things changed drastically. Adidas killed of the tongue and k-leather and introduced a calf leather upper. They moved the predator elements to the top of the instep.

Adidas predator 2009

They continued the power spine in the soleplate. This prevents your foot from bending too much backward and loosing too much power

Adidas redator 2009

As we discuss the history of the adidas predator model we will certainly mention that in 2011, the adidas ADI-power came in to make amends. It comes with 3D rubber elements to give you the power and the swerve you want.  As of 2011, this was the lightest predator ever made, all thanks to the super-thin sprint frame outsole. 

Adidas predator Adi-Power

Then came 2012, adidas introduced the predator lethal zone. This boot features five lethal zones all over the upper to give different aspects of control.  For the first time ever, adidas introduced the hyper-tech synthetic leather upper.

This model also featured a micro enabled sprint frame outsole.  


In 2013, the predator lethal zones were replaced by the predator lz2.  It practically the same football boot as the Adidas lethal zones except for a change in the shape and structure of the rubber elements.  

Adidas predator Lz

This makes the boot less chinky and more streamlined.

The 2014 Worldcup brought the predator instinct. This comes with more aggressive rubberized elements to give you a decent amount of grip on the ball.

This predator weighed like the older OG models weighing over 240 grams 

Adidas predator instinct outsole

After a 3 year break, Adidas stormed the industry with a remake of the adidas mania with hyper touch

Predator mania with hyper touch

After that, adidas also made the predator precision which was a one-to-one remake of the adidas OG precision upper.  With these models, adidas kind of fusing the old and new design to make something new.


Then adidas designed the predator 18+. Which was launched In August 2018.  This football boot is worn by players such as Paul Pogba.

We can’t continue the history of the adidas predator without talking about this football boot comes with the latest prime knit and control skin upper while enhancing ball manipulation.

The predator 19 was launched in December 2018. This boot features lace and laceless version.  The outsole features a control frame soleplate.

Adidas predator 19

The predator 20 series was launched in January 2020. The adidas predator 20 features a laceless construction and a prime knit construction upper material.

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