How Do I Find The Right Football Boots?

   As a football player, the most important gear you will ever need is your football boots. Since you are just starting, you may wonder, what football boots are best for me? This question arises because there are numerous football boots brands out there with each brand producing numerous models and colorways. You know have numerous options to choose from, and start to wonder, which football boot should I buy?

  In other to know the best football boot for me, you need to consider these factors.


    SIZE OF YOUR FEET – Before you can determine the best type of football boot you can buy, you need to know what the size of your feet is.  You need to know the size of your feet so you don`t buy a football boot that is either too tight-fitting or too big. So how do you know the size of your feet?  Here is a guide to show you how. Or you can get a foot measuring device on Amazon.

  If your feet have stopped growing, you will want a tight-fitting football boot with about a thumbs width of space. But if you are still growing, you need to get a football boot with space you will grow into during the season. If you have flat feet as a soccer player check out this guide for players with flat feet.  Since women’s feet are often narrow, women can wear any football boot so far it’s their size.  Girls can wear unisex children and junior football boots from any brand.

 THE PITCH YOU ARE PLAYING ON – Some types of pitches are Artificial grass, Firm natural grass, Hard ground, Soft or muddy pitches, and indoor pitches.  So before you buy a pair of football boots, you need to know the type of pitch you want to play on. 

  If you are playing on a soft or muddy pitch the right kind of football boots for you are the ones with a few studs that are spaced out. These studs must also be made of metal so they can provide stability in muddy or soft pitches.  Football boots with metal studs are only good for muddy pitches so if you use them on another pitch you stand the risk of getting ankle injuries.

  If you play on Artificial grass surfaces or turf then you need a football boot with numerous small studs distributed across the soleplate.

  If you play on Natural firm ground or Some Artificial grass then you need football boots with bladed or conical studs with plastic outsole.

If you play indoor then you get the best football boot for indoor pitch.

 WHAT POSITION WILL YOU PLAY IN? –  If you are a striker, then you need a  speed football boot that is lightweight and allows you to sprint fast and change direction.

 If you are a midfielder, then you need a football boot that offers comfort and control.

Finally, if you are a defender, then you need a football boot that offers maximum protection and allows you to shoot and pass easily.

WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET – As you keep finding answers to the question “what football boot is right for you”, you need to know how much you plan to spend on a football boot. Because it makes no sense looking at a $300 football boot if you cannot afford them. 

   It is good to know that football boots have different prices ranging from around $30 for the super cheap ones and up to $300 for the Elite model football boot.  But on a general note, you can get a quality football boot for a budget of $100.

 Another thing you need to know is that soccer cleat manufacturers can produce the same football boot in different variations and each variation comes at a different price point. Most times the price of any football boot largely depends on the Quality of the materials they are made of, the quality of the craftsmanship as well as if they have special functions or extra bits.


Depending on where you live below is a list of the most popular football boot brands. We will also briefly highlight each brand and players who wear it.

  Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno, Umbro, New balance.


Adidas brand football boot
Adidas Football Boot

 Adidas football boot usually features the latest cutting-edge tech and innovation.  The Adidas brand bost of models like the Adidas Predator, Adidas X, and Adidas Copa Mundial.  Great players like Messi, Dybala, and Pogba all rock the Adidas Brand.


Nike football boot
Nike Vapor Football Boot

 Nike is one of the most recognized football boot brands. When it comes to the beautiful game of football, Nike and Adidas are the most popular football boot brands. If you want lightweight Nike then you need to think of the Mercurials, Tiempos give you comfort and the Phantom GT gives you precision and power.  The Likes of Ronaldo, Kelvin De Bruyne, and Kylian Mbappe rocks the Nike brand.


Puma football boot
Puma football boot

 Puma is a historic football boot brand cultured with a legacy. Great players like Antonio Griezmanm, Sergio Aguero, and Mbappe rock the Puma football boot brand on the pitch. 


Mizuno Rubela Football Boot
Mizuno Rubela Football Boot Brand

 Mizuno football boot brand showcases the power of Japanese craftsmanship. Mizuno is referred to by some as the King of leather football boots.  If you don`t want a fancy boot but you need a quality leather boot then Mizuno is one to be reckoned with.


Umbro Football Boot
Umbro Football Boot

With decades of experience in the football boot industry, Umbro has become a force to be reckoned with. Umbro produces Morden and quality leather boots long with their synthetic versions.


New Balance Football Boot
New Balance Football Boot

If you want to rep something different on the pitch then New Balance is something you should always look at for. This brand is rocked by Mohamad Salah of Liverpool.


In all, we have helped you to select a good football boot based on the following criteria: Size, Pitch, Position, Budget, and the football boot brand that is available.

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