Mizuno Soccer Cleats: Are They Worth the Hype?

Like me, many of you may have been left scratching your heads at the recent spate of Mizuno soccer cleats releases. It’s difficult to tell what’s what and where each new pair of Mizunos sits in the hierarchy without a significant US presence and little to no PR content released with each new launch.

Because they’re one of the priciest brands on the market, it’s a big thing to buy a pair. And, of course, you need to know what you’re getting before you buy it… As a result, we’ve put together the following breakdown of the current Mizuno boot line-up in the US.

Mizuno Soccer Cleats: Mizuno Wave Cup Legend Japan

Mizuno Soccer Cleats
Mizuno Wave Cup Legend Japan

The Mizuno Wave Cup has a traditional appearance but delivers cutting-edge performance; it is carefully hand-crafted in Japan in extremely small quantities. The upper is constructed out of k-leather. This limited edition boot is a modern recreation of the Mizuno Wave Cup, which was the boot that Rivaldo wore when competing for Brazil in the World Cup in 2002. These are the boots that he wore when he won the fifth World Cup for Brazil and also the trophy for the World Cup.

Mizuno Soccer Cleats: Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan

This is where the Mizuno Rebula Cup comes in, a K-leather boot designed specifically for players with lightning-quick feet. Mizuno Engineers have created the Rebula Cup, which is handcrafted from the best materials and features a memory foam CT Frame for improved ball control even at high speeds.

Mizuno Soccer Cleats: Mizuno Morelia Zero Japan

The Morelia is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and this calls for a very unique boot. The Morelia Zero pays homage to the first version, which was worn in 1986. This limited edition drop comes with an upper made of k-leather and a design that makes use of the shoe’s lengthy tongue. It also has the traditional Runbird insignia and branding, as well as an iconic style that everyone ought to adore. This one is a throwback that a lot of Mizuno fans who are really committed to the brand are going to appreciate.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ

However, Mizuno has opted to create an even more advanced model, the Beta, while the Neo III is causing quite a stir. The lightweight, barefoot leather comfort of the Morelia Neo III Beta is elevated to new heights. The Neo III Beta incorporates extra knit for a seamless fit, very soft leather, and a responsive outsole made from the best materials available. You may rest assured that the Made in Japan pairs will last a long time. Each pair is created by hand in Japan by experienced craftsmen who ensure that only the finest materials are used.

Mizuno Morelia II MIJ

The Mizuno Morelia remains to be one of the k-leather boots available that have the most traditional-looking design despite being painstakingly hand-crafted in Japan in extremely small quantities. The Morelia has withstood the test of time in the world of soccer cleats because of its time-honored appearance and the use of genuine quality materials. It is famous for its exceptionally comfortable fit as well as its excellent touch on the ball.

Mizuno Rebula 3 Japan

The new Rebula III is designed for players who are searching for a boot that acts as an extension of their foot in order to exert more control over the game. Your foot is wrapped in a supple kangaroo leather top, which provides a comfortable fit and a terrific touch. A 3D CT-Frame gives you complete control of the ball in every direction around your foot. Since it took the place of the Wave Ignitus series, the Rebula has established a solid reputation thanks to its ability to combine power and control in a single device.

Mizuno Morelia II Elite

Mizuno is now offering fans an Elite model that combines ideal comfort paired with a high-quality feel and great grasp. This model is modeled after the incredibly amazing (and more expensive) Morelia Neo. Additionally, that price at retail is quite appetizing in its own right.

Mizuno Morelia Neo Pro III KL

The Neo KL III FG, based on the Morelia Neo III, combines soft leather with high-quality materials to deliver an economical shoe with a premium feel. The forefoot is made of supple kangaroo leather. The heel, ankle, and midfoot are all perfectly aligned thanks to the snug fit provided by the synthetic midsole and heel. When it comes to keeping your foot in place, the sock liner is coated with abrasive material.

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