Soccer Agility Drills


     To be successful in soccer you need to engage in soccer agility drills, practice and develop the ability to start, stop, cut and sprint.

    Players such as Ronaldo and Messi dominate the game not just because of their passing and shooting skills but also their agility and ability to create space for themselves and others.

    You can also be like them if you engage in high-intensity soccer training by using the best soccer agility drills techniques .

soccer agility training


Engaging in soccer agility drills helps to improve anplayers coordination, balance, body control, quickness, accelerating and decelerating and also ability to change directions quickly.

 The above listed skills are important skills that soccer players need to master if they desire to play soccer at an international level.

 In fact, this soccer agility drills will help to prevent injury because players are trained to move with the correct technique.

 Here are 6 soccer agility drills that will give soccer players the opportunity to improve theor speed and agility wigh and without the ball.

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        1-Ground maker drill-

  1. Put 4 ground makers in a straight line approximately three yards apart
  2. In between each makers place another marker just 3 yards to the left
  3. Players will then sprint from one marker to another bending down to touch each marker with their hand.
  4. The emphasis os on taking quick side steps not on turning your face to the marjet and sprinting forward.

2-Teamate Chase Drill

  1. Mark out a large area- 25 yarsds by 25 yards for example
  2. Pair up with any of your team mate and run randomly within the area
  3. Your goal should be to maintain at least 2 yards distance from them at all times. Your teammate should be changing pace and directions constantly.

3.Shuttle Take-off Drill

  1. Put tow grand makers 20 yards apart. Placae a marker in the middle only 3 yards to the side.
  2. Starting with the middle marker sprint to one end(10 yards) and sprint to the other end (20 yards) and then back to where you started from (10 yards)
  3. With each sprint, turn a different foot at each marker and try to touch the ground with your hand


  1. Use 4 cones to cut out a square approximately 4 yards by 4 yards
  2. Place one cone at the center of the square. That will be your standing position
  3. Name each corner and remember it. Have your coach or teammate call the numbers at random.
  4. Sprint quickly to the corner called and return with speed to the center


  1. Place at least 10 shuttles in a straight line 5 yards apart
  2. Weave in and out as quickly as possible and then walk back to the start
  3. You can perform this training more slowly with a ball. Since the goal of the training is to develop speed and leg movement, no ball is usually used.


  1. Place a series of cones in a cross formation
  2. Run backwards to the center cone
  3. Side step to the right cone or the lft cone if you are performing the drill
  4. Side step back to the center then turn and sprint with agility back to the center
  5. At the center cone, turn and run forward to the last cone. Run back to the center cone, side step to the left, side step to the center and turn and run back to the start.



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