Lionel Messi Performs Magic With These Football Boots On

Many football enthusiasts have asked, what football boots does Lionel Messi wear? What brand and model of football boot has Lionel Messi worn over the years.

Currently, the football legend lionel Messi wears the Adidas Nemeziz line of football boots. 

The adidas nemeziz  19.1 football boot used by Lionel Messi is designed to deliver agile and quick movements all thanks to the 3600 bandage system that stretches along the upper. 

Over and above that, it features a split sole outsole that helps Lionel Messi to execute quick turns and perfect changes in direction. 

Next time you watch the legend, Lionel Messi, playing football, notice how he makes a quick and agile movement with the Adidas Nemeziz on his feet.


At the early age of 14, after Lionell Messi moved to Barcelona from Newells Old boys he signed a deal with Nike. In the year 2005, Both Nike and Adidas have come head to head for Lionel Messi football boot sponsorship. But then adidas won the head to head battle.

Lionell Messi in his childhood  days

 As a result of this, Messi joined the likes of Michael Ballack and David Beckham as a poster boy for the adidas brand.

  Messi added a different style of boots to adidas collection with the introduction of the F50. Lionel Messi wore the Adidas F50 Titan TUNIT football boot in 2007.

Adidas F50 Titan TUNIT
The Adidas F50 Titan TUNIT In The Metallic colorway.

Afterward, Adidas developed the customizable TUNIT in 2009.

  In the year 2009, lionel Messi wore the Adidas F30i TUNIT instead of the f30i TUNIT because the F50i has fixed sole studs.

Adidas F30i TUNIT
Adidas F30i TUNIT

  Latter Lionel Messi wore the F30s during the Olympic gold medal and the 2009 FIFA player of the year award.

 Just before the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa, Adidas released the f50 adiZero.This football cleat that Messi wore weighed just 165 grams thus making it the lightest and fastest football boot ever made by adidas.

Adidas f50 adiZero
The Adidas F50 adiZero

 Adidas didn’t just stop there, they produced the adiZero prime which lionel Messi wore next. This football boot makes grand breaking record as the lightest football boot in the market weighing just 145 grams.


  By the year 2015, Messi got his football boot line with the Messi 10.1 and letter the Adidas Messi 15.1.

Adidas Messi 10.1 football boot
Adidas Messi 10.1 Football Boot
Adidas Messi 15.1 Football Boot
Adidas Messi 15.1 Football Boot

Adidas also released a unique. 10/10 edition in October and they sold only 100 pieces of this football boot worldwide. Messi used this Adidas Line until 2017.

 In 2017, Messi started wearing the nemeziz. During special days like world cup calls, UCL wins, Laliga title wins, and birthdays, Adidas gives Messi a signature colorway from each of the Adidas silos.

 Adidas has released 15 Anos as a result of the special collaboration with Messi. In celebration of Lionel Messi, 15 years in Barcelona Adidas produced the Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 in 2019.

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.1
Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.1

 After winning his 6th ballon d`Or in 2019, Messi was given the Tech Indigo Messi Nemeziz 19.1.  

Lionel Messi with his 6 ballon d`Or titles
Lionel Messi Winning The Ballon d`Or for the 6th time



Messi Scoring His First PSG Goal Against Manchester City

Lionel Messi signed a two-year deal with PSG on Tuesday, August 10th. In PSG he is wearing the Adidas  X Speedflow .1 football boot.   According to soccer reviews for you, this is the most desirable football boot the Adidas brand can ever make. 

   The upper of this football boot provides an overall barefoot feel. The upper is made of a textile-based material with a top layer of polythene material. This football boot is very comfortable to wear

Soleplate of the Messi Football Boot In Red Colorway

Get a pair for yourself in either Red or Black colorway dead cheap on Amazon.

 The Adidas X speedflow.1 has one of the best soleplates you can ever get in the market. The Messi football boot features a speed frame plastic soleplate and an external heel counter.  The soleplate of this Messi football boot has carbon fiber in the midfoot to the forefoot area.  This design ensures energy returns every single time your foot bends.

  This Messi football boot weighs an impressive 7.3 ounces or 207 grams in 9.5 US sizing.


Portraits of Lionel Messi
Portrait of Lionel Messi

   The football legend Lionel Messi was born on June 23th 1987 in Rosario Argentina.   Currently, Messi is regarded as a GOAT (Greatest of all time).  Lionel’s Messi career began at Newells old boys football club from 1995-2000.

  At a young age, Messi had a growth hormone,  deficiency but luckily for him, Barcelona was able to offer him affordable treatment hence his family moved to Spain.  Messi joined Barcelona in the year 2000 and he made dramatic progress in the youth sides. 

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  He made his first public performance in October 2004 against RCD Espanyol. When he made this debut, lionel Messi was wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor.  He netted his first goal for FC Barcelona in May 2005 when he was just aged 17. 

Lionel Messi at a young age

  The entire Lionel Messi career is better summarized in two words.  Barcelona and trophies.  At the moment of publishing this post, Messi has won 10 Liga titles, seven Supercopa de España, four Uefa champions league titles, six Copa del Reys.

Over and above that, Messi was awarded a gold medal when Argentina won the 2008 summer Olympics finals. In 2005, Lionel Messi was part of the Argentina football team that won the world youth championship.

Lionel Messi carrying a trophy

 Lionel Messi has continued to be a pillar in Barcelona and is currently the all-time top goal scorer. Currently, Lionel Messi holds the award for the only player to have won six Ballon d`Or.

Messi after winning ballon d`Or the 6th time

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