What Sports Are Jockstraps Used For?

Since jockstraps are known to offer premium support, multi-directional mobility and do not constrict one`s leg like boxers do most men wear them comfortably even when engaging in non-impact sports. However, jockstraps are used for high-impact sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey requires you to wear a jockstrap.

Can I wear a jockstrap even if am not engaging in sports?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It all depends on whether are comfortable with it or not.

 If you are not too sure whether you should wear a jockstrap it would be wise to contact and consult with a doctor, personal trainer, or a coach. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Jockstrap

 An athletics supporter can also serve as your everyday underwear. Since most jockstraps are extremely light and fresh, they are very comfortable to wear.

 One benefit of wearing a jockstrap is that it makes training in the gym very comfortable. When training your legs and glutes, a jockstrap will offer support for your junk and provide an insane amount of comfort.


How To Size An Athletic Supporter/Jockstrap

      The most important consideration in buying any athletic supporter/jockstrap is to look at the manufacturer’s recommended size chart for each of the jockstrap brands. The reason is they are the experts, you can`t take that away from them.

     One thing you must understand is that each manufacturer sizing for its jockstrap is different, hence you can`t assume that because you wear medium size for Calvin Klein jockstrap you will also be medium for Papi jockstrap. So sizes differ.  Small size from one brand can be youth size in another brand while the medium in one brand can be comparable to small in another brand.

   Most times, the size of a jockstrap is known by the actual length of the waistband plus the tautness and stretchability of the elastic that is used.

 In other to determine your actual waist size, you will need to get a soft fabric measuring tape from a nearby retail store and then measure around your waist. Alternatively, you can get a piece of string, hold one end and wrap it around your waist until it meets up at the start, then you can mark or cut it.

 Next, you can lie the string along a ruler to determine the size of the jockstrap you need.

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