Best Soccer Cleat For Women Who Need Ankle Support In 2020


    Soccer is a pretty intense sport that requires high-intensity training, so it usually affects the different parts of your body especially your feet.

     Since soccer is a pretty competitive sport that involves tackles and shots on goal, your ankles can receive some punishment. As a woman, you need the best soccer cleats with ankle support that will enable you to showcase your best performance without compromising comfort.

      With this in mind, you will have to protect your ankles by wearing soccer cleats with ankle support.

 Since there are different playing grounds and different playing styles, getting a good soccer shoe that provides ankle support can be difficult sometimes.

  In this guide, we will analyze the top 5 best women soccer cleats that provide ankle support.



Under armor women soccer cleat

If you are a fan of tight-fitting soccer shoes with barefoot feel then these magnetico soccer cleats are just what you`ve been missing.  This soccer cleat is built for speed, agility, and comfort.


 Under armor women, soccer cleats with ankle support come with a clutch fit technology that is engineered to combine the softness of leather with the durability of premium synthetic material.

 This football boot features a three-layered clutch fit technology that makes the upper of the boot to form around your feet instantly without requiring a break-in time. This soccer shoe features the clutch fit webbing around the lace to the heel area of the boot.

 The under armor women soccer cleat is designed with one of the softest, flexible and thin uppers you can get on a soccer cleat.  This cleat comes with a central lacing system using the regular straight up and down lacing system.

    The tongue construction is soft like leather with a nice synthetic suede lining at the back, and a bit of memory foam running through the middle. It also has some minor proliferations just like every other soccer cleat with tongue construction.

 The mid-cut design of this women’s soccer cleat looks good while the heel comes with an internal plastic heel counter which is lined with synthetic leather material.

This football boot weighs just 7.3 ounces while the anti-microbial sockliner provides unmatched underfoot comfort and breathability.


 This women’s soccer shoe comes with a fully removable charge foam synthetic material that has an embossed texture that isis not slippery and does not absorb any water.

 This insole feels comfortable, doesn`t slide around, so it’s pretty much what you can ask for.


The soleplate of this under armor women s magnetico soccer cleat is made of flexible synthetic material.

   It is very flexible in the forefoot area. This cleat comes with both conical and bladed studs that are bit longer than what you`ll see on other soccer shoes.


Once you tie the laces of this soccer shoe, the upper will kind of stretch around your foot to create a comfortable feel. Under armor uses a technology they call FORM TRUE that is designed to form instantly to your foot for a custom fit and a barefoot touch.

 The internal layer is made of flexible auxetic material that molds around your foot so you can enjoy a glove-like fit and feel. 

  Over and above that, the soft synthetic material of this football boot wraps around your ankle and midfoot to provide stability and locked-in support.


  • Exceptionally comfortable out of the box
  • Has a flexible soleplate
  • This football boot provides a snug fit


  • Some users are worried that the upper of this cleat might become too thin in the future such that it will affect its durability.


 If you want soccer cleats with ankle support that will help you to quickly change direction and provides traction in all directions then this under armor magnetico is just for you.

#4-  Adidas Women’s Nemeziz 17.4 FG Soccer Cleat With Ankle Support

adidas women nemeziz

  The adidas Nemziz 17.4 women soccer shoe provides an awesome lightweight sensation and a prominent visual design that is ideal for players that need ankle support.


  The Adidas Nemziz 17.4 soccer cleat with ankle support is made of synthetic material as well as a synthetic sole. 

  The upper material of this soccer cleat is made of synthetic leather material that provides the responsive touch and optimal ball control right out of the box.


 Adidas nemeziz 17.4 best women soccer cleat is made synthetic TPU material that is specially designed for firm ground.

 The stud positioning and outsole structure are specifically designed for women. The studs are either conical or bladed.


  This upper of this soccer cleat is made of agility mesh material and a slight texture that wraps all the way round to give you a glove-like fit. What is more? You`ll get a precise feel so to speak.

  There is a dual lock collar that provides ankle stability and a secure lockdown fit. Isn’t that cool.


 Do you want to turn instinct into action and doubters into witnesses? Then adidas women nemeziz soccer shoes are just what you`ve been missing.

 With these football boots in your feet, you`ll be able to maneuver the ball around your opponents with apparent ease.


  • This women soccer cleat is excellent for dribbling and shooting
  • The adidas nemeziz football boot is very durable. Many persons used it for over a year without issues
  • Adidas women nemeziz 17.4 are very lightweight.


  • This soccer cleat is very narrow and fits tightly.

#3- Adidas Women’s Predator 18.3  Soccer Cleats With Ankle Support

Adidas women predator

 Is the Adidas predator 18.3 soccer cleat a good soccer shoe or a bad shoe and how does It compare to other models at this same price? That what I will be discussing in this part of the article.


  This Adidas women predator 18.3 is made of mesh-based synthetic material. The upper of this soccer cleat is relatively thin but is padded with a mesh-based layer added to it as well. This soccer shoe also features a bit of synthetic material running through the midfoot down to the heel area.

    These women’s soccer cleats come with an internal heel counter. This cleat also features a socklike material attached to the heel area with some colorful stitching at the top.

 The socklike material of this football boot stretches over the middle of the foot filling the tongue area. The cleat features a simple lace setup.

 This adidas predator woman soccer cleat weighs just 9.6 ounces


 The outsole of this best women soccer cleat is made of flexible rubber material with 2AG stud pattern that provides optimal traction on both FG and AG playing surfaces.  


Technically the insole is glued from the midfoot forward so it’s not designed to be removed. Furthermore, you can remove it if you just want to.

 The insole is made of a thin layer of foam with just a mesh liner on top and nothing spectacular though.


 Most testers reported that the Adidas predator 18.3 women football boots have a shallow sensation on the heel. Although your heel will not necessarily slip out, it’s on the edge of popping out and it’s not fully locked it.

 This boot for ankle support feels and fit decent on feet.


  • Many of the users reported that this adidas ankle support football boot is very comfortable to wear
  • This football boot let you have true value for your money
  • This soccer cleat is very easy to get on and off.


  • This football boot has a narrow fit.


The adidas woman soccer cleat features a shallow fit in the heel and its lightweight too as it weighs just 9.6 ounces.

#2- Adidas Originals Women’s Nemeziz 18.4 Soccer cleat for ankle support.

Adidas Originals Women

   Dominate your opponent as you show off your illustrious skills with this adidas originals women nemziz 17.4 firm ground soccer cleats. 

The adidas firm ground soccer cleat that provides ankle support will help you blow past your opponents and hit the ball at the back of the net.

 This firm ground women soccer shoe is engineered for the agile playmaker and it’s designed to be used on firm ground surfaces.


 The adidas nemeziz 18.4 soccer cleat features a soft agility touch skin upper that molds to your foot so you can enjoy instant comfort.  The synthetic textile upper of this women’s soccer shoe is designed to give protection and support as well as superior control and comfort.

  Adidas designed this soccer cleat with the unique shape of women’s feet in mind while including the most protective and durable shoe technology alongside the comfort of mesh padding so you can play hard in each game.

  The durable Torrison frame of this football provides power and support for you.


This Adidas originals nemziz 18.4 soccer cleats for ankle support comes with a TPU outsole that features an innovative stud pattern specifically designed for girls and women.

 The outsole of this soccer shoe is specially designed for shock absorption and comfort.

 The TPU outsole of this football boot helps you to engage in explosive acceleration, enjoy enhanced traction as well as a quick change of direction on both firm and natural ground surfaces.

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This lightweight women football boot for ankle support helps you speed in form natural grass and its fit true to size. Even if you wear this soccer shoe for a long period of time, you`ll never experience discomfort or pain. Don’t you want that? The choice is yours.


  • Very comfortable and function football boot
  • Fits very well
  • You can wear them for a very long time without hurting your feet


  • May be too small if you order the wrong size


Adidas women nemeziz 18.4 football boot are very easy to clean and the quality remains the same after years of regular usage.


#1- Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 17.3 Football Boot For Ankle Support

Adidas women football boot

 Control the game with just a single touch from Adidas performance 17.3  for the entire 90 minutes!


 These women’s soccer shoes come with women-specific design and feature a soft leather upper that lets you enjoy optimal comfort.

    The soft leather vamp of this women’s soccer shoe allows you to call the shots while playing on both hard and natural grass playing surfaces.

 This football boot for girls and women helps you to dominate the game with supreme ball control while allowing you to make quick and agile moves.

 Adidas performance football boot comes with an ultra-thin upper material that helps to keep water and debris out.


 This adidas soccer shoe is made of synthetic sole with both conical and bladed stud design. With this stud pattern, you can move with high speed and control on firm ground and natural grass surfaces.


 The prime mesh upper of this women’s soccer cleat provides a comfortable sock-like fit.  What is more, it is engineered with women-specific fit and traction.


  • Beautiful and comfortable
  • Fits and feel great
  • Good boot for that price tag


  • Some users said the boots fell apart just after some months.


 If you want to dominate the game in form natural grass, then these soccer cleats are just for you.


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