Let`s face it, we have all experienced it, that horrible stench of smell from football boots that have been stuck in a bag for a long time. How can football boots be cared for? How can you stop football boots from smelling?

 Football boots are very important to a football player. You want them to offer an exceptional feel as you slice and dice through the football field. You also want them to fit you very well. You also want them to help you reach your peak as a football player. Furthermore, you have to accept the fact that no matter how much you paid for your football boots (Between $70 — $300) they won’t last more than half a season if you don’t take good care of them.  Even the most expensive football boots fall apart if you don’t take care of them.  Think of your boots like a sports car… just because you paid a lot of money to get it doesn’t mean it will run forever without taking good care of them.  So what’re the one-time solutions for stopping your boots from smelling.

 First of all, I would never advise anyone to leave their cleats in a football boots bag.  Just after a game, the best practice is to stuff them with some newspaper and leave them outside for fresh air in order to dry out. Do not do this in sunlight as this process will just over dry the football boots. You can leave them outside in a shady area. This practice usually makes a huge difference.  In order for you to get the most out of your football boots, you need to treat them properly. The best thing to do is to see them as an investment. If you can keep your football boot dry then odor and smells should not be an issue unless you`re not washing your socks.  The steps outlined below will work for Nike football boots as well as for any other football boot. The best advice I can give is for you to have a routine of leaving your football boots outside after training or games.

 Here are some other good tips.

 Warmth and humidity in the boots cause bacteria that create odor.

  Smelly football boots can not only be annoying but can also cause embarrassment. The right word to use for smelly football boots is Bromhidrosis (which means the smell of bacteria growing on the body) or Hyperhidrosis (which means Abnormally increased perspiration).  Even the smallest drop of sweat can create a pair of smelly shoes.

How to clean smelly football boot

How To Clean Smelly Football Boots

Smelly shoe

1- Use some Lysol or other shoe odor eliminator as it helps to neutralize odor by killing bacteria. Even though it doesn’t solve the problem 100% it can be a temporary solution.

2-Clean your boots and dry them after every practice and game. This helps to keep your boot in good shape. Over and above that, cleaning your boots regularly will help kill the bacteria, and washing the foot prevents them from growing.

3-Use boot deodorizers like baking soda to prevent bacteria that create odor.

Always remember to keep bounce sheets in your bag. I usually recommend this most time. After a game, you can put the bounce sheet inside your football boots or bag. This does not fully remove the smell but it still helps.

Always remember to wash your feet with antibacterial soap, wear clean leather boots, and cotton socks, and use a premium quality foot spray at night.

I have written a complete hands-on review of the 10 best artificial grass soccer cleats where I outlined the durability issues I ran into.

These are some ways To Stop Football Boots From Smelling Using these household means:

  • Put a sheet of dry fabric softener into your boots after wearing. A sheet usually lasts for about 7 days.
  • Break some charcoal into small pieces and place them inside an old pair of tights. Put them inside your pair of smelly boots overnight.
  • Sprinkle one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into each boot, shake very well to ensure the powder penetrates down all over the boot, and leave overnight.
  • Put the football boots in a zipper-lock plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight. The freezing temperatures will kill most of the bacteria`s in the shoe.
  • Salt has been proven to be effective in canceling out moisture which causes the bacteria in the football boot to smell bad. Put two teaspoons of salt into each boot and they will smell better in a few hours.
  • Dry the boots by putting them near a heater or in a warm sunny spot. Remove the shoelaces and lift the tongue out so the shoes dry out faster. When you keep the boots dry, you help to prevent bacterial growth that causes smelly shoes.


football boots smelling cat pee
The man Holding His nose Because His Football Boots Are Smelling

Why do my football boots smell of cat pee? You may wonder. If you have ever brought out your football cleats only to perceive a stench of cat pee.

No, we don’t mean your cat peed on your football boots or trainers, They just have the unusual smell of cat pee.

  For some football boots brands like Nike total 90,s and the Nike vapor IX, they smelled so bad that Nike asked the buyers to return the football boots to the retail store where they bought them.

 On the other hand, you don`t have to return your football boot to the retail store or lock up your cat in the bathroom to prevent him from peeing on your football boot.   

If other to stop your football boot from smelling cat pee, here is what you can do.

  1. Properly clean your football boot after each game and try to air your football boot for some hours instead of chucking them in your radiator.
  2. You need to get shoe deodorizing balls and put them inside your football boot after each use. These balls will remove bad odors and odor-causing bacteria.
  3. Since some football boots smell cat pee is closely related to the kind of material used in producing the football boot, you can consider returning the cleats to get a new football boot that is made of a different kind of material.

How To Wash Smelly Football Boots In A Washing Machine?

Have you ever asked yourself this question, can I wash smelly football boots in a washing machine? The answer is YES. And in the next few seconds am going to show you how.

 Before you throw your smelly football boot into your washing machine, you want to do well to remove the insoles and put them in the washing machine separately. Then, if there is a lot of mud on the cleats, try to rub off as much mud on the cleat as possible.

If you have any stains you want to remove, you can rub some detergent on the surface of the cleat and then put it inside the washing machine.

 Before throwing the dirty football boots inside the washing machine, it would be better to put them in a towel as it acts as a protection to the football boots.  After this put a small amount of detergent or soap required for washing football cleats and then boom you are good.

 When setting up your washing machine, you need to select cold washing, and wash time can be set to around 15 minutes.  Boom, you are done and your football boot will be as new, smell good, and clean as it was the day you bought them.


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