10 Best Soccer Rebounders: Reviews 2023

Discover the best soccer rebounders in best sellers. In this guide, we will review the 10 best soccer rebounders in the market this 2021. If you want to score volleys like Kevin de Bruyne then these best soccer rebounders merit your serious consideration.

What is a soccer Rebounder?

A soccer rebounder is a device that bounces soccer balls you kick at it back to you. They are usually designed to be portable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


 Most soccer skills are easy to practice and master.  To get better at shooting, just grab a few balls and take shots from the edge of the box. If you want to be better at passing, call a friend and practice knocking the ball between you two.

 However, there are other very important skills that are much harder to master- High balls.  It is usually very difficult to practice and master high balls with your first touch, trapping, chest control and volleys especially if you are playing by yourself.

 This is why you need the best soccer rebounders. By just kicking the ball at the rebounder net, you can pop it up to yourself at a good height thus allowing you to do whatever you want with the ball.

 With good practice, you can master volleys and you`ll be scoring volleys like the best strikers in no distant time.

 Soccer rebounders are also suitable for shooting practice. If you get a flat rebounder, the ball will bounce back to you instead of staying in the net. (Like it would in a regular goal net)


Before deciding to buy the best soccer rebounder, you need to consider the following-

WEIGHT- If you`ll be walking long distances before you get to the training pitch, then you need to select a fairly light soccer rebounder.

You don’t have to go for a soccer rebounder that is too light though because it might get blown over in the wind or get knocked down by a powerful shot.

SIZE-  You should go for a fairly large net so that you`ll hit it every time. You also need to consider how big the soccer rebounder will be when folded down. Will the rebounder be able to fit into your car when folded?

DURABILITY-  A good soccer rebounder should be able to withstand thousands of hits before showing signs of wear.  It’s usually better to pick expensive soccer rebounders if you don’t want the nets to develop holes or fray over time.

UNPREDICTABLE REBOUNDS-  Some soccer rebounder net will bounce the ball in random directions rather than giving a predictable bounce. This type of soccer rebounders is great for training your ball control and reflexes because it closely matches you with what you`ll experience in a football match.

NET vs RAMP-  Nets are lighter while ramps are more durable. So you need to know what suits you best.  Ramps usually require you to play a ground pass while nets are more versatile because they can bounce back shots at any height.

GOAL REBOUNDERS-  Some training soccer rebounders double as football goals.  If you have enough space in your backyard, then a large soccer rebounder that will return your shots back to you is a must-have.

ASSEMBLY- Because many soccer rebounders in the market are built with tight nets made of bungee cords, it can be very difficult to assemble such. Make sure you buy a soccer rebounder that you can assemble within minutes.


The 10 best soccer rebounders are:

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Rapid fire best soccer rebounder
Coach and goal keeper training this this hand held soccer rebounder

This handheld soccer rebounder measures 1.7ft by 1.7ft. This measurement makes it suitable for use during goalkeeping coaching sessions.  This best soccer rebounder features two easy to grip handles. With these handles, your coach can have full control of the trajectory of the ball.

Rapid-fire handheld soccer rebounder features a 52ply knotless polythene soccer rebound net which has a mesh size of 32mm. This heavy-duty net is double layered. In this way, you can be sure of erratic and unpredictable bounces. 

 This soccer rebounder comes with a 1.2m thick galvanized steel that will stand the test of time even with the roughest use. The galvanized steel has a black powder coating for enhanced strength.

Rapid fire best soccer rebounder
Rapid Fire Soccer Rebounder Resting On A Goal Post

 Rapidfire soccer rebounder comes with a carrying bag. Over and above that, this best goalkeeper soccer rebounder is great for the backyard and pre-match warm-ups.


  • The tension of the net is good thus allowing for a quick rebound.
  • Premium quality net
  • Great rebounder for goalkeeper training.


  • It May not last for so long.


 Power net best soccer rebounder
Power net soccer rebounder

This soccer rebounder measures  5ft X 5ft. You can use this rebounder to practice control, passing, and shooting. All thanks to the 25 square ft unique tapered return net surface. 

 Power net soccer rebounder has two training surfaces hence you can train on both sides of the net for two different types of return.  The front side of this best soccer rebounder is designed for volley type returns that you can handle mid-air with your head, chest, and thigh. 

On the other hand, the backside of the power net soccer rebounder is designed for smooth ground returns and for receiving short hop returns or rollbacks.

Power net best soccer rebounder
Training with the power net soccer rebounder

You can train with this soccer rebounder all by yourself. It is very easy to set up and break down.

This premium soccer rebounder is very portable and great for training anywhere. You can set it up either indoors or outdoors zero tools are required.   You can collapse this rebounder for easy storage and transportation.

 Once you buy Power net soccer rebounder you get a zippered carrying bag with straps and ground stakes. 


  • Very easy to set up
  • Great to set up
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Some users had durability issues with this rebounder


Champions sports best soccer rebounder

Right out of the case, the most noticeable feature of this soccer rebounder is that it is adjustable.  It has a large net that measures 42 inches by 72 inches.

This soccer rebounder is built with a 1 ¼  inch diameter powder-coated frame that is both durable and lightweight.  This rebounder is designed to stand the test of time even with the roughest use. This design makes it easier for you to transport the rebounder from your home to the training field.

Champions sports best soccer rebounder

The net also is designed with a durable nylon material that withstands shots from football without snapping.  This soccer rebounder is great for both kids and adult football players.


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Net if full from top to bottom
  • You can adjust the angle of the top of the netting


  • The bungees work well but they are not too durable



Perfect soccer rebounder
Perfect Soccer Rebounder

Perfect soccer rebounder measure 6 X 4 feet. Unlike other rebounders that are quite technical to set up, this soccer rebounder is very easy to set up. You can set it up within 5 minutes. 

 This best soccer rebounder is built for both indoor and outdoor use.  You can either use it as a football goal or a football rebounder.  In other to ensure stability, perfect soccer added four ground stakes and three portable soccer sandbags with this rebounder.

Perfect soccer rebounder
Perfect soccer rebounder

This soccer rebounder is made of a premium quality sturdy steel frame and a tension stitched net that will last for a very long time even with the roughest use. 


  • Very easy to transport and set up
  • The rebounder net and bungees are made of  premium quality materials
  • Innovative design


  • Some users had durability issues with this rebounder.


Inertia best soccer rebounder
Inertia double sided soccer rebounder

  At first sight, you surely notice that this soccer rebounder is double-sided. This unique double-sided design makes it possible for two groups to practice with the soccer rebounder at the same time.

Training With Inertia Soccer Rebounder

  This soccer rebounder is great for ist touch, passing, shooting, heading, trapping, and volley.  You can also use it to practice ground passing, ball control, heading, chest trapping, and other numerous skills. 


  • Great for practicing numerous soccer skills
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Some users said it cheaply made


SKLZ Best soccer rebounder
SKLZ best soccer rebounder

 Right after purchase, you can set up the Quickster soccer rebounder easily.  After training,  storing this rebounder is as easy as A, B, C.

 In other, for the rebounder to withstand even the most intense shots,  this rebounder has four ground stakes. SKLZ  best soccer rebounder is made of premium quality materials that will stand the test of time even with the roughest use.

  The SJLZ Quickster features a trainer patented design as well as a true roll technology so you can get the same feel and action you`ll get in a real game.

SKLZ best soccer rebounder
Two kids training with the double sided rebounder

  This multi-touch rebounder is great for you to practice trapping the ball with your feet, thighs as well as helps you learn how to control the ball in the air. You can also practice volleys, half volleys.

  The net and straps of this soccer rebounder don’t come with enough stiching. In other, for this best soccer rebounder to last longer for you, you need to put bar tacks on all the straps and sew them with a sewing machine.   You need to resew the webbing at the edges of the net.  You can double or triple stich the webbing to make it last longer.


  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Great for self practicing
  • Made of premium quality net


  • Some users had durability issues with the stitching on the net.


Trigon best soccer rebounders
Trigon soccer rebounder on the field

Want to make practice more efficient and effective? Then this best soccer rebounders is just what you need. Its double-sided design makes it more efficient for training because you can handle play from both sides. So, multiple players can train simultaneously.

      Whether you want to practice in a backyard or pitch, you can use this best soccer rebounder conveniently to improve your playing skills.  With this soccer rebounder, you can practice, compete, or even have fun as you engage in drills to sharpen your soccer skills.

    When it comes to durability, this best soccer rebounder is a good pick because it is made of galvanized steel.  Over and above that, the heavy-duty 1.25 inch galvanized steel features a steel tubing that ensures durability. 

Trigon best soccer rebounders
Trigon Best Soccer Rebounder

           The soccer rebounder will always remain in place as you practice because it comes with a precision-fit lock-in pin as well as 6 galvanized steel ground stakes that hold the frame securely in place.

 This greatest best soccer rebounder measures 12 X 6 feet with an all-weather target net with bungee cord attachments.


  • Great product with durable galvanized steel
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with powerful bungee cords


  • Some users commented on not having enough directions to set it up


Storosso best soccer rebounder
Training With Storosso Best Soccer Rebounder

 How about practicing with a soccer rebounder that can be adjusted to 7 different angles. In this way, you can have exactly the right slant to practice. 

 Wondering if you can use this soccer rebounder across all weather and seasons of the year?  The answer is yes. The net of this best soccer rebounder is ruggedly built to be used in all weather conditions

Storosso best soccer rebounder
Practicing passes with storosso soccer rebounder

If you want to move to the next level this soccer rebounder is great for you. You can practice control, passing, settling with this soccer rebounder. This soccer rebounder features a true roll technology that lets you have the same feeling you would have in the game. 

 When it comes to storage and transportation, you won`t experience any stress as you use this rebounder.   Very easy to store and transport.  I bet you will love it.


  • Right out of the box, it’s very easy to assemble.
  • Ruggedly built to last
  • Absorbs all shots and rebounds well


  • Not too portable



Rapid fire X Best Soccer rebounder
Rapid fire X rebounder

This soccer rebounder comes in two different sizes. A 5X  6 ft small-sized rebounder and a 7X 8 ft larger soccer rebounder.  Rapid Fore soccer rebounder has two large rebound walls that are great for ariel and ground deliveries.  

 When it comes to durability, a rapid-fire rebounder is surely what you can recond with.   The frame of this rebounder is made from 1mm thick 38mm OD galvanized steel material. This material is highly durable and will stand the test of time even with the roughest use.

Rapid fire X best soccer rebounder
Training with Rapid fire X rebounder

The adjustable angles are fitted with anti-slip rubber to ensure stability.

Quality is not an exception when it comes to the rebounding net.  Both sides comprise of  2mm knotless polythene material. It also features a 28mm square mesh with net saving technology for greater consistency and durability.


  • Very strong and easy to assemble
  • Made of premium quality material


  • Does not come with instructions for assembling


Forza Best Soccer Rebounder
Training With The Forza Soccer Rebounder

Forza soccer rebounder wall is designed with a taut spring-loaded net. This rebounder wall mimics the unpredictability of a real live match with erratic rebounds. The ball will bounce back as hard as you hit so you can have the opportunity to tailor your delivery.

    No matter the position you play as a footballer you can use this best soccer rebounder to practice and master first touch, ball control, heading, shooting, passing, or catching for goalkeepers.

    Talking about durability, this rebounder is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that will withstand thousands of hits wearing away. Furthermore, the rebounder features a freestanding design that can be used on any surface. So, you can use it in the backyard or on the pitch.

Forza Best Soccer Rebounder
Forza Soccer Rebounder On The Field

 This rebounder comes with an extra-large 2mm spring loaded rebounding net with reinforced edges. The large size of this rebounder allows two persons the opportunity to engage in training drills as well as focusing on specific deliveries.


  • Great for mastering different skills
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Made of extra durable steel frame


Do you still have some questions you need to answer before you finally make your decision to buy the best soccer rebounder for your football training? Here are some of the frequently asked questions about soccer rebounders that will help you make the final purchase decision.


Numerous soccer skills can be improved using a soccer rebounder. 

  • Passing skills
  • Shooting skills
  • Heading
  • Trapping
  • Volley
  • Ground passing
  • Ball control
  • Chesting
  • Crossing
  • Long passing


Since teens and adults have better skills than kids, you can purchase a smaller and portable soccer rebounder that will help you improve your accuracy with strikes long passes, and crosses.


Since kids are still learning and improving their passing skills and ball control, they can be pretty terrible at passing accuracy at the beginning. As a result of this, you need to choose a very large soccer rebounder. This large net will help your kids improve and master their skills as well as help to keep their confidence levels at an all-time high.


 The traditional soccer net has a thickness of 2mm.  It is also worthy to note that the soccer net doesn`t take much strains and shots during the game.

 On the other hand, soccer rebounders receive more punishment. So it is recommended that you select a soccer rebounder net that is at least 3-3.55 mm thick.  


Truth be told, you can build a DIY  soccer rebounder at home using scrap wood and trellis netting.  However, you should note that a DIY soccer rebounder cannot have the same quality as a professional best soccer rebounder.


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