Best Top Model Soccer Cleats For Artificial Grass

    As a football player who plays regularly on artificial grass, you need the best soccer cleats for artificial grass so as to reach your full potential and beat your previous performance.

   What is artificial grass? In football, artificial grass can also be called “artificial turf”, “3G or 4G pitches” or “synthetic grass”.

    Artificial grass is a type of synthetic fiber that models the properties of natural grass.  One major characteristic of artificial grass is its height.  Its blades are longer than turf. Artificial grass surfaces are often used in stadiums and sports arenas while the turf is often used indoors.

   Artificial grass is made up of two types of synthetic surfaces: 3G and 4G pitches. 3G pitches are usually created for professional and recreational sports like football and rugby. It usually has sand as its base and a layer of rubber crumbs or infill for support.

   3G pitches usually range from 40-65 millimeters in height. Depending on the sport, 3G pitch measurements can be customized.

  Technically, the term “4G” in artificial grass does not exist. Not even one of the accredited sports organizations has recognized this type of ground.

 However “4G” ground is popularly used by manufacturers to refer to a synthetic grass without any infill.



Using Artificial grass football boots on artificial grass is great because the outsole has a lot of studs that better distribute the weight along the foot thus avoiding stud pressure resulting from playing there.

  Best soccer cleats for artificial grass features studs that are rounded and shorter. With this type of studs will only sit on the surface without penetrating the grass and give you the amount of traction you need.


– Among all the factors you need to consider before buying an artificial grass soccer cleat, FIT is the most important.  Your soccer boots should fit snuggly both in the heel and in the toe.

Using a fitting best soccer cleat prevents your feet from sliding on the inside of your soccer cleats, which is not only important for comfort but also important for your safety.

 Stay clears of soccer cleats that are too narrow for your foot because they will pinch you and will be extremely uncomfortable.


– Cleats for artificial grass are usually made of genuine or synthetic leather material. The lather is the best option for artificial grass soccer cleats because it stretches and conforms to the natural shape of your foot. As you use the soccer shoe regularly, it will have a more customized fit which will, in turn, increase the comfort of the shoe.


  PUMA One 17.4 Ag Soccer Shoe

puma artificial grass soccer cleat

   Puma one artificial grass soccer cleats were released on June 23, 2017, and are designed to give players the confidence they need to play at their best.  Puma has long been reckoned as a global brand athletic brand that has successfully infused sports, fashion, and lifestyle.

  Puma has always been reckoned with setting the standard and creating new trends in sports, apparel, lifestyle,  accessories, and footwear through mind-blowing innovation and revolutionary designs.


Puma one best soccer cleats for astroturf is made of premium quality synthetic materials that will last for a very long time.

The synthetic upper material of this soccer cleats makes it lightweight and durable.


Puma one 17.4 AG
Soleplate design of the puma one 17.4 AG

The puma one features a stud configuration that has been termed “speed focused”. These soccer cleats come with a conical stud arrangement that aims to improve agility.

 Eight conical studs are placed in the forefoot area while four studs are arranged in the heel area. This arrangement pattern coupled with the lightweight TPU outsole supports quick attacking turns.


Puma one 17.4 top view

These soccer cleats come with a sock extension that is enclosed in the opening to offer snug fit from the ankles to the inside. There are laces in the midfoot to make room for adjustability.

  A pull tab is also attached to the heel counter of this cleat to allow more space when putting on the close fitting sock extension.

 Laces are also positioned in the center of the cleats with an enclosed synthetic tongue to provide a solid lockdown.


 This artificial grass soccer cleat is great for use on any Astor turf or artificial grass pitch in the world. You, ll enjoy using this cleat on any artificial grass.


  • Ruggedly built to last
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for optimal performance


  • Longer break-in time required.


Adidas Predator Absolion  Soccer Cleats For Artificial Grass

Adidas predator soccer cleat

 The adidas predator absolion artificial grass soccer cleat is made is very comfortable to wear as it is made of premium quality material that will improve your style of play in synthetic grass.


This adidas predator absolion artificial grass soccer cleat is made of the synthetic leather upper material. The thickness of the tongue matches the thickness of the synthetic leather material of the soccer cleat.

 The lacing system is slightly designed to the side.

 This football boot comes with the various lethal zone.  You have the dribble zone on the outside, first, touch zone on the top, the main striking element goes into the main striking area, sweat spot zone on the instep and the passing sack control element in front of the rubber element.


The adidas predator absolion comes with a fully removable insole that features a mesh liner on top and foam under. It provides a good step in comfort.


This soccer shoe is made of all-around TPU plastic that makes for s slightly stiffer feel in the forefoot area.

 The cleat features 4 triangular shaped studs in the heel area and six studs in the forefoot area and one in the middle.


Adidas Predator Leather Zone

This soccer cleat comes with an internal plastic heel counter lined with a synthetic material that provides a lockdown fit.

 Over and above that the cleat provides an awesome fit with and I would suggest you go a half size up so you can get the best possible fit.


This boot weighs just 9.5 ounces so they are super light and very durable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made of premium quality synthetic material
  • Requires little break in time.


  • Lacks sprint frame design

Adidas performance men’s 16.3 Prime Mesh Soccer Artificial Grass Cleats

  The adidas performance mans 16.3 prime mesh soccer cleat is designed for the player who leads his team to the goal of his opponents and gets the ball at the back of the net. 

  The prime mesh upper offers precise control and perfect fit without wear in time.


This astroturf soccer cleat features a prime mesh upper material with a mid-cut design.  The prime mesh upper is a little bit thin and it’s soft and flexible than what you`ll find on other soccer cleats.

The midfoot area is made of a thin synthetic material that will lock your foot in place after lacing. There is a memory foam running inside the shoe where the lace is located as well as an elastic mid-cut collar. This boot weighs 9.15 ounces.


This soccer cleat comes with a non-removable fully glued in the insole


Upper view of the adidas performance men 16.3

Adidas performance men`s 16.3 artificial grass cleat features an internal heel counter. The soleplate is made of thick TPU plastic construction with a decent amount of flexibility.

   It comes with all rounded shaped ground 2-0 studs similar with what we always see from adidas. This cleat features slightly shorter studs, unlike other models.


Outsole design of the Adidas performance men 16.3

This football boot fit and feel pretty decent with a nice softness from the prime mesh material in the forefoot area. The midfoot offers a lot of stability when you pull the laces together and it doesn’t feel overly stiff on your feet.

 The fit in the heel is fairly normal with what you`ll expect from a high-end adidas soccer shoe.


  If you are looking to get one for yourself then kindly go through the size to get the best possible fit.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sock-like fit with built-in tongue
  • The prime mesh upper offers a [recise touch


  • Some may come with a manufacturing defect

Adidas Messi 15.1 Fg/Ag 

Adidas soccer cleat
Adidas Messi 15.1 FG/AG football boot

As the name implies, this soccer cleat is designed for the football star Lionel Messi and his logo is proudly inscribed on it.  This soccer shoe is designed for a player who wants to mirror their playing style after Messi.

 It is for that player who knows how to dribble, tackle, pass, defend and attack the goal.


This best artificial grass football boot is made of leather and synthetic thin upper. The upper has a dimple like structure across the forefoot area.

 The tongue runs through the middle of the soccer shoe and its made of very a thin mesh-like material.  The top of the tongue has the Messi logo inscribed on it also.


This football boot features a fully removable synthetic suede liner on top with “Messi 15.1 built to win” inscribed on it with a single layer of foam on it, just like your regular adidas cleats.


Outsole of the Adidas Messi 15.1
The dimensional design of the Adidas Messi 15.1 outsole

  This Messi artificial grass soccer cleat features a stud plate with mini-cut out studs. The stud design on the cleat is called the Messigambletrax.

 The studs are triangular shaped with four studs at the heel and 7 studs in the forefoot area. The sole plate isn`t flexible but it will become flexible the more you use it.


Adidas messi 15.1
Upper View of the Adidas Messi 15.1

Adidas Messi 15.1 really fits great on feet with and it’s super comfortable. With these boots on your feet, you`ll feel secure and locked in with no fear of rollover when cutting and changing direction.

 What is more? This soccer shoe features a high performance molded design with cushioning for great in-shoe comfort and feel at all times.  It also comes with an ultra-soft leather that provides superior comfort and ball feel.


  If you are a player looking for a cleat that is thin and still maintains a comfortable cushy like sensation over the ball then this Adidas Messi 15.1 is just what you`ve been missing.             


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Provides optimal traction for acceleration
  • Specially built for authentic first touches.


  • Not suitable for all positions.


Puma Men’s Future 2.1 AG soccer cleats for artificial grass

Puma men`s football boot

 The puma future 2.1 net fit best artificial grass football boot belongs to the second generation of the future soccer cleats.  This boot feels comfortable right out of the box requiring little break in time. Puma future soccer cleat remains among the top choices for football players who love to use the best puma boots.


 This soccer shoe is made of form-fitting textile material, with a knitted ankle sock and netfit 2.0 technology.  This football boot features a netfit lacing system and customizable lacing technology that allows players to freely loop the laces in countless ways so as to achieve the best fit.

 This cleat also comes with one-piece construction and less stretch in the midfoot area. The net fit material is ruggedly built to stand the test of time.

 These soccer cleats come with a softer upper with internal padding.  What is more? The unique netting system of this cleats gives you a level of adjustability and customization to the way the boot feel and fit.


  This insole of this puma future cleats for synthetic grass is fully removable and its features a synthetic suede lining on top as well as a layer of red foam with profiled yellow foam in the forefoot and heel area to provide additional comfort and padding.


The sole plate and stud pattern of this best soccer cleats for artificial grass is made of PEBAX  material that s flexible, provides a solid feel and its very comfortable for the wearer.  The stud pattern creates great traction on artificial grass

 The boot features both conical and bladed support studs, with four studs on the heel area ( two conical and two-bladed) and nine studs on the forefoot area that comprises of three short conical support studs in the middle, four long conical shaped studs at the side and 2 bladed studs at the base of the forefoot.


Puma future netfit cleats come with a mid-cut design with a thick stretchy Evo-knit material and a pull tab at the front and back.  This boot also features an internal plastic heel counter with a synthetic suede liner that provides a lockdown fit


Puma future soccer cleats weigh 8.25 ounces.

CONCLUSION-   This soccer cleat is designed to fit any soccer plater whether wide feet or narrow feet and offers aggressive traction on artificial grass.


  • Fits comfortably on foot
  • Fits to true size
  • A little break in time


  • Some users said it has a narrow fit.



If you want to control the ball and be the best you can be while playing on artificial grass, then Puma men’s future 2.1 artificial grass soccer cleat is just all you need.


If you are low on budget but still want a football boot that will let you play comfortably on artificial grass then you can go for a pair of puma one 17.4 artificial grass soccer cleats.


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