The Ipong V300 Trainer Motion Review


Let’s face the facts, if you upgrade your skills and consistently improve your performance then you must use a table tennis robot for training.

You need a table tennis robot because sometimes, you may not find someone to train with. In this situation, the need for a trainer robot cannot be overemphasized.  

In other instances, you can`t find someone with enough strength to match your strength to train with. In these situations, you definitely need an ipong motion trainer robot…  

Ipong trainer motion robot is perfect for beginners and experts alike. You can enjoy using the ipong table tennis trainer robot when a partner to train with is not around.

 This table tennis training robot is very easy to set up. With a 3 step – easy assembly process, you can set up this trainer robot within minutes. What is more, you`ll start training in no time.

 When it comes to ball holding capacity, the ipong table tennis training robot is designed with a funnel that can hold up to a hundred and ten 40mm balls. This trainer robot also comes with an 80 premium quality 40 mm balls.

 One of the reasons why we love this table tennis trainer is because it has a unique adjustable frequency setting that allows the robot to shot 12-70 robots per minute.  The best part of it is that you can adjust the shooting frequency to match your preference with a battery-powered remote.  

 No matter the type of table tennis ball available, you can use it perfectly well on the Ipong table tennis motion robot.

 This new table tennis trainer robot comes with new software that ensures consistency and accuracy. 

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The Pros And Con`s Of Ipong Trainer Motion Table Tennis Trainer Robot

Ipong V300 trainer motion table tennis robot
Ipong Trainer Motion


  • You can adjust the degree of both the topspin and down spins. You can put the lowest settings of this trainer motion for your family members and friends who know no more than swinging the paddle.  

You can put the highest settings for friends who are very skilled in playing table tennis.  The good thing about all this is that this ipong table tennis robot allows you to set both tops and down spins simultaneously. This yields a type of spin that you can’t find in real games.  

  • This table tennis robot is very easy to refill and produces better shots compared to other trainer robots.
  • This table tennis robot comes with a remote control which you can use to pause the robot temporarily when you want to go for a break.
  • Unlike other ping pong robot that is difficult to remove, you can remove the table tennis robot from the table without stress. If you want to remove this machine from your table and play with your friend, you can do it hassle-free and quickly.
  • The ipong V300 trainer motion is compactable with all regulation size table tennis tables.

CONS –  

  • Ipong trainer motion robot is short-ranged. Many users have to carefully register it or press the button numerous times to get the signal registered.  It would have been better if the range of the remote was at least across the table.
  • The oscillation function does not function as expected. If your settings make you place the robot on the long side of the table, some balls will be shot out of the table from the shot side.


What Can Be Done To Improve The Ipong Table Tennis Trainer Robot

The trajectories of the balls can be improved. The current trajectory is unrealistic regardless of the settings.

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The jamming problem of the Ipong Trainer Motion And How To Solve It.

A fault from the engineering team is the cause of jamming in the ipong table tennis robot. It is not the fault of the motor as many persons have claimed. What exactly causes jamming in the trainer motion robot?

 The problem starts when you put all 144 balls into the robot and fill it to the top.  This results in too much friction on the side of the robot where the single ball is supposed to go to.

Some users have solved this problem by adding a Teflon tape on the area that causes all the friction and jamming.  (Check the image below)

Ipong  trainer motion  robot

 Once the balls have nowhere to stick the rotating disk will work as it was designed. Then its problem was solved.

Here is what another reviewer did to solve the problem of jamming in the Ipong trainer motion robot. The reviewer found that when the upper disc opening is in line with the motor opening, a ball will slip down and result in a jam. In this case, you can turn the disc opening away from the motor feeding area. Once you can do this, you will no longer experience a single jam.

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