Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG Review- Are They Better?

 In this unbiased review of the Adidas Nemeziz 19+, you will come to see the real meaning of agility.  Not only is it a great football boot for players with a wide foot but it gives you the type of play you want on the pitch.

 What are they made of? Will they be great for a wide-footed player? Do they deliver agility as promised? Read on to find out.


A clears view of the intricate design of the Adidas Nemeziz 19+

Adidas painstakingly designed the Nemeziz 19+ football cleat with three tightly wrapped overlapping pieces of tape to create that unique laceless football boot that every fan of laceless football boot will love. 

 Slipping your foot into the football boot will take around a minute since the opening is very tight.  Adidas put a lot of work into making this football cleat length accurate.  So the Adidas Nemeziz 19+ fits true to size.


The adidas nemeziz 19+ fg upper
A full upper view of the Adidas Nemeziz 19+ FG

    Slipping this Adidas Nemeziz 19+ into your feet, you`ll experience nothing less than a uniform feel.   What feels is that? The most wanted feeling any football player wants- An unmatched barefoot feel no matter how you are playing the ball. 

     On the mid-foot part of the boot where laces normally exist, you will experience nothing less than a snug feel. As your leg go dipper into the forefoot area, you will notice a much wider opening. The wider design of the forefoot area makes the Adidas Nemeziz 19+ a great football cleat for players with flat or wide feet.

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The unique split sole design of the Nemeziz 19+

The soleplate of the nemeziz 19+ is exactly what you will expect from an adidas top model football shoe.   A split sole with a required amount of flex that prevents you from feeling that your foot is strapped to a straight wood.  This split sole also has the correct amount of stiffness that makes sure you can maintain the same agility when making quick movements.

Even if you don’t notice it, the Football cleat comes with a blend of conical and oval-shaped studs. 

 This stud combination from Adidas means the cleat will work perfectly on firm ground pitches. 

 Because the studs are a bit long, this soccer cleat won’t work perfectly on artificial grass. So if you play on artificial grass, this football boot might not be a great option for you.


  • Many users love the way this football boot effectively wraps around your foot.
  • This Nemeziz 19+ football shoe has a  near barefoot feel
  • The Adidas nemeziz 19+  provides great traction on the pitch.


  • This football boot does not provide the expected effective lockdown.


  Is the Adidas Nemeziz 19+ great for wide feet? 

 YES. The forefoot area of this amazing football boot is wider thus making it a great fit for players with wide feet

 Does the Nemeziz 19+ also have kids sizes? 

Yes, the adidas nemeziz 19+ comes in kids sizes as well. 

Are the Adidas Nemeziz 19+ comfortable?   

 When it comes to comfort, you can`t easily find a rival of the Adidas Nemeziz 19+.   The pair of torsion tape that technology that is utilized in the football boot wraps around your foot thus providing an unparallel comfort. 

 Who wears the Adidas Nemeziz 19+?

Great players such as Lingard, Femenino, Isco, and other big wingers wear this football boot model.

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 After a thorough review of the Adidas Nemeziz 19+, here is what I have to say.  The Adidas Nemeziz 19+ is one step ahead of its predecessors, the Nemeziz  18 series. 

   When it comes to the comfort it provides, this football boot has no rival.  The aggressive traction and grip it provides are also worthy to mention. So, if you are willing to break this bank, you will make no mistakes by having a pair of these football cleats for yourself. 

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