The Best American Football Drills For Those Who Want To Practice At Home

  Do you want to make the best use of your time indoors? Want to improve your agility, fitness, and stability even when you are indoors? Then you need to engage in American football drills at home.  To improve in soccer, you must practice.

 It is worthy to note that you don’t have to practice or train only when you have team seasons.  You can do American football drills at home. Yes, you heard me right. You can practice from the comfort of your home.

  You don’t need special and expensive equipment before you can practice soccer drills at home. Some drills can be done with just a ball, your feet, and a high level of dedication.

 There are numerous soccer drill techniques you can do on your own. If you are a coach, you can even incorporate these drills into your training.

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Below are some of the soccer drills you can do at home.


20 yard shuttle soccer drill at home

 The 20-yard shuttle is a drill performed by American soccer athletes. It is done primarily to evaluate the player’s ability to change direction and quickness.

   To do the 20-yard shuttle, you start in the middle of a 10- yard distance with one hand touching the ground. Then, you push yourself up with your dominant leg in the opposite direction for 5 yards. 

  Once you cover this distance, you reverse as quickly as possible and go 10 yards in the opposite direction.

 Finally, you reverse direction again, ending the drill at the starting point. You can time yourself while doing it

20 yard shuttle soccer drill at home

When performing the 20-yard shuttle, there are a few things you need to get clear before you start the drill.  You have to put one foot and your hands on the same side. That means if you are bending to the right, your right-hand must be on the ground.

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Once you start this drill, its important to get off fast towards the side you are going and as you hit the button, go as fast as you can the other way.  As you engage in this drill, it’s very important to maintain low leverage to make sure you get out of your cuts as fast as possible.


Four cone soccer drill at home

If you don’t have access to a waiting room, coach, or cannot go outside, the four cone drill is one of the soccer drills you can do by yourself.  

 In other to engage in this soccer drill, get four cones, and put them at four positions to form a square.  Then you can develop some leg strength and speed.

 With the four cones set up, you can do the lateral shuffle, forward sprint, and then backpedal. If you do about 4 to 6 resisted rounds and another 4-6 unresisted rounds, you will feel a big difference in the way you are moving.


Staying indoors does not stop yours from engaging in soccer drills that will help you improve your performance and agility. In this guide, I outlined 2 soccer drills you can do at home by yourself.

 Thy is the 20-yard shuttle and the 4 cone drill. With just a little bit of organizing, you can create ample space indoors for this soccer drills.

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